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Wearing a Kenzo x h&m top, Urban Outfitter dress, pants from Amazon and Prada heels.

Hi!! This isn’t a formal return to blogging, but I hope this year I can post a little bit more frequently. Instagram has been my go to though, so if you still want to see what I’m up to, I suggest heading that way. I’ve taken on many personal projects this year, but I still want to continue blogging!

My boyfriend surprised me with these Prada Flame Collection heels for Christmas and I kind of sobbed a lot. They are the shoes in the header of my blog, and they have been my dream shoes since I started getting into fashion in high school. Basically, he rulezzzzz!





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Time Warp Top / Choie’s Dress / Yoins Shoes / Thrifted Bag

Photos by Camille Delaune

Something about nature terrifies me. It’s so unpredictable, yet beautiful at the same time, which creates a sense of wonder and curiosity tinged with doubt and uncertainty. Wonder and curiosity for the beautiful sights, and doubt and uncertainty for the unknown that lies in wait. In a world where humans try to control everything, nature is wild and unmanageable, much to our chagrin. And although that can bring about devastation and heartache sometimes, it can also bring love and inspiration.

If you’ve been following any news, you would know Louisiana has been hit by a flood. Cities that have never flooded were completely underwater.  Amid all this tragedy, I can’t help but wonder how I was so fortunate, and how others, not so much. People’s homes and cars were filled with water that shouldn’t be there, and I’m, at most, inconvenienced when coming to a road that’s blocked off. It’s confusing- how does that happen? Why am I spared, but thousands of other people weren’t?

Nature works in that way. Completely sporadic and unpredictable, it brings about chaos, but then redeems itself with beauty. I’ve never seen this kind of reaction from our community- we are determined to help any and everyone, free from judgment. This is the time to rebuild and strengthen our community, to unite us and make our city a better place, full of acceptance and devoid of  discrimination.

Here are some things you can do to help out:

  1. Volunteer! There are many shelters still operating that need people to keep them running. Celtic Studios, the River Center, Red Cross, just to name a few. Also volunteer to help people with their flooded homes. Pulling out carpet and floors is hard work, no one can do that alone.
  2. Donate. Clean out your closets, pantries or storage for things you can do without. Although material things aren’t important, these people have lost everything, including their clothes, furniture, electronics, etc. Money donations can be made to many organizations, like United Way of Southeast Louisiana, Assess the Need, Red Cross, and Catholic Charities, to name a few.
  3. Make goody bags for people. A girl I follow on Instagram made goody bags containing feminine hygiene supplies, brushes, combs, floss, tissues, and much more. It’s a great way to provide these people with necessities. I’m sure these can be donated to any of the shelters.
  4. For out of state people wanting to contribute, here is a long list of ways you can help out.


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Wearing a vintage Time Warp dress, Storets pants, Miu Miu heels, vintage purse and scarf, and Time Warp Sunglasses

Melting on a scorching 90 degree day in thick pants and a vintage dress is what I’m accustomed to. I’ve grown used to the fact that if I wear what I want, which usually consists of multiple layers, I will have to sacrifice my comfort for sweatiness. Dresses over thick pants, tops layered under one another– you name it and I’ll layer it. My hope is that one day, I’ll live in an area where multiple layers don’t produce obscene amounts of sweat.

Lately, I’ve been inspired by 60’s housewives who take their convertibles for a spin and wear beautifully patterned headscarfs and stunning shades. I’ve also been loving Sex and the City (it’s my first time watching it), so slip on heels and tiny purses have been infiltrating my ‘to buy’ list.

Photos by Camille Delaune










Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 10.19.28 AMZebra Print (anything)

Red Pants

Gingham (specifically green and yellow)

Bright green jackets

Hats! (Berets, Newsboy Caps, Wide Brim, Straw Visors)

Sheer Patterned Tops

Baggy Camo Pants

Sequin Tube Tops/Bustiers

Kitten Heels (Tibi!)

Satin Shorts

Large Earrings

Yellow Bikinis

Dries Van Noten Platform Shoes

13467517_1175394132504627_1840248602_o 13499527_1175394179171289_1514088369_o





Banana Republic Button up, Thrifted top and skirt, Stella McCartney shoes, Funky Monkey sunglasses

Hi. Hello! Omg I suck and I know it (pinching myself as punishment). I think I’ve just lost the will to blog. It’s such an ordeal to take pictures, make sure I don’t look like a dingus in them and have something relevant to talk about rather than just posting an outfit that I think looks cool. Which is actually stupid seeing as this is my blog, my documentation of my style- meaning I can post random outfits all day long.

I think I’ve just had to come to terms with what I want my blog to be. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to try to monetize my site, or just let it be an organic representation of my style over the length of time I decide to virtually document it. But this is the internet, I can do whatevathehell I want to do!!! Isn’t that great!! *Cue a million outfit selfies comin ur way*

Okay, I’m shutting up now. Enjoy these BEAUTiful Stella McCartney boots as much as I do. You can catch me frantically yelling “STELLLLLAAAA” up to my boyfriend from below his apartment window as I pace in these delightfully groovy boots.








Thrifted top, similar here / h&m dress / Miu Miu Shoes

The arrival of summertime also brings along the unbearable heat that accompanies sun-soaked days. Which means minimal layers. Which is the hardest thing for me to even consider!!!

But, I’m trying, as I don’t want to be that person with the drenched t-shirt and the forehead dripping with sweat, because that is the definition of misery. And although minimal layering is a struggle for me, I find solace in the section of my closet that contains garments already loud and bright enough that they don’t need the enhancement of an extra layer.

I’m a little off schedule lately, seeing as I started a new job and it’s an insane amount of fun but also keeps me very busy, resulting in the sacrifice of outfit pictures sometimes. Whaddya gonna do about it?

See you next week (hopefully!!!)



Just a few fun snaps from my trip to Chicago last week, Instagram style. We went back to the art museum, and it was significantly better the second time around. A few friends who live there showed us around some of the local neighborhoods, away from all of the touristy attractions, where we shopped and ate some wonderful hot dogs. We actually got to see Navy Pier this time, since it was under construction last time. Didn’t get to ride on that sick ferris wheel, but it’s number one on the list for next time.

Places you should visit:

Art Museum

Lula Cafe

Longman & Eagle for drinks

Portillo’s (get a hot dog and the cake shake!)

Beatnix for fun threads

Navy Pier, even if it is a little touristy

Argo Tea (my go to every time)

IMG_9176 IMG_9180 IMG_9186 IMG_9189 IMG_9195

Opening Ceremony Top/ Thakoon Shorts / Repetto Flats / Target Socks, similar 

IMG_9132 IMG_9134 IMG_9140 IMG_9141 IMG_9143 IMG_9158 IMG_9165

Target Fishnets / Nastygal Choker, sold out (similar) / Jeffrey Campbell Wedges / Thrifted Earrings, similar

Attention to detail is key. Key for happiness, success, and for the satisfaction of the detail oriented. A few years ago, I would have laughed at anyone who said great accessories elevate the outfit. My mindset was on clothes- not tights, scarves, or the layers of jewelry that could potentially make my so-so outfit, woah-WOAH (I’m not lame).

Maybe it’s the recent onslaught of really great accessories the Internet is mass marketing, or maybe it’s my subconscious obsession with bulky jewelry and enough layers to make a scene kid cry, but I can’t help myself from piling all of the accessories onto my body.

Therefore, I challenged myself to keep an outfit the same, but jazz it up with accessories ranging from jewelry to tights and shoes. And here’s what I concluded:

1.Fishnets are my JAM! I didn’t think they would work with the outfit at first, and my knowledge of Louisiana’s heat made me a little hesitant, because fabric, although littered with holes, is still fabric that generates sweat. So if you’re feeling a little meh, throw on some fishnets, or any cool patterned tight, and you will understand what I mean when I say JAM!

2. Large earrings are the resolution to any problem. Doesn’t matter what color or shape they are- just put them on and you will feel power surge through your lobes.

3. Sometimes subtle works best. For the first outfit, I wanted to keep the attention on the top and shorts, so minimal shoes seemed like a duh. But I wasn’t feeling the flats alone, cue purple socks. While they aren’t a pair of eye-catching tights, they definitely bring a little more to the outfit, especially with the clashing color.

4. Have fun with it. Layer multiple necklaces. Wear different earrings on each ear for some variety and asymmetry. Use scarfs as chokers, bracelets, or anklets. Seriously, just wear as many accessories as you can until it becomes a weight issue.

And then add more.



Kill Bill Vol. 1

A few years back I had seen about half of the movie, so most of it was just recap for me. Recently, I’ve become a big fan of Tarantino, thanks to my film buff boyfriend. So watching this after seeing Inglorious Basterds and Django, I feel like I could appreciate it more. The gore is definitely there, but I love the The Bride’s insatiable appetite for revenge. I also really enjoyed the music used for the film, it definitely heightened the tension when it needed to.

I think what I most enjoyed was how the most badass characters were almost all women. It really elevated the film for me seeing women being the strong, powerful, boss lady characters. The almost painfully long pauses and intense eye contact was another plus that really put me on edge, further adding to undeniable tension the film exudes. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite film by Tarantino, but it’s definitely a must see.

Kill Bill Vol. 2

I enjoyed this as a follow up, but truthfully, I enjoyed the first one better. The fighting sequences with O-Ren and Gogo are so insane, and I feel like this one was lacking that kind of intensity. And maybe I’m just in awe of Gogo due to the various Tumblr memes she has become, but she was amazing, as was O-Ren.

Yeah, Beatrix kills Budd and Elle, but it’s not like whens he ambushes Vernita at her home, or when she surprises O-Ren. Either way, I feel like it’s a must see, solely to get an ending to the story. And you finally get to meet Bill, which is aight but he’s nothing special.

American Beauty


I really enjoyed this one due to Kevin Spacey’s and Wes Bentley’s acting. There’s a lot of grainy camera footage, typical teenage angst, and an obvious sense of repressed sexual, emotional, and psychological wants. Also you get to see Kevin Spacey’s AND Wes Bentley’s butts, total score.

There was one scene where Ricky and Jane are watching one of his home videos and it was insanely peaceful but unnerving at the same time. To me Ricky was the star of the movie, he is so complex and unpredictable. The movie was really a great commentary on middle class American life, family struggles, normal teenage problems, and grappling with mid life crisis’. I was unnerved for the majority of the movie, I knew who was going to die, as they make it obvious within the opening lines, but trying to figure out how, why, and when was such a puzzle that didn’t piece together until the final moments.

A++++ one of my favorites.


Summer House With Swimming Pool by Herman Koch



Seriously, go read his stuff, you won’t be disappointed. I love how he uses an unreliable character, it’s thrilling and also frustrating at the same time. If you enjoyed The Dinner by him, this one is a must. Overall, very dark and complex, but at it’s core it’s about a father’s love for his child- even though the father is an ass sometimes. What’s really striking though, is that the father does something so disturbing, that you really don’t know if he was right in his assumptions and decision making. Was he just a protective father, or a man looking to eradicate someone he hated? Koch makes it extremely ambiguous, and leaves it up to his readers to decide.

Again, so cliche, but it was really a page turner, I couldn’t set it down for long. I’ve got a few more of his novels on my to-read list, and they will probably all be featured at some point, because he hella deserves it.

Animal Farm by George Orwell

animal farm libro_640

If you’re into satire, this is for you. It’s a critique of socialism and the Soviet Union, and how that affected the lives of everyday people, but substitute animals instead. The pigs are jerks, but the animals mindlessly follow their lead. Now I say mindlessly because they didn’t know how to think for themselves, which was cleverly orchestrated by the pigs. Some of the animals were so dedicated, that it actually killed them.

It ended with no resolution, which I guess actually happened for lots of people who lived through it in the Soviet Union. Such a good book, I will probably reread it a million times, as should everyone else.








Ann Taylor Top, similar / Time Warp Vintage Skirt, similar / Zara boots (sold out), similar / Time Warp Vintage Earrings, similar

Vintage stores conjure up the giddiness I usually contain when shopping. The feeling of seeing fabrics, patterns, and silhouettes that are decades old is one that can only be described as bliss.

But the best part is finding something unique, that isn’t sold at all of the other fast fashion retailers, and having it all to yourself. Like this skirt for instance. Sure, wrap skirts are going to be “big” this summer, but this skirt is one of a kind. I like to think that a really cool art student from the 70’s wore this skirt, thus passing the vibe onto me.

Not to mention, shopping vintage or second hand is considerably more sustainable for the environment. Who wants to keep buying skirt after skirt at Forever 21, when the threads won’t hold up for even a few months? The quality of clothing is much better when shopping at vintage stores, and the clothing doesn’t fade out like fast fashion trends do.

I’m not the perfect poster child for sustainability though. I love Zara and ASOS as much as the next college student, #budget. But, the feeling of buying clothes from those places doesn’t compare to vintage stores. I find myself taking much more care of my vintage finds, always wanting them to be in pristine condition, simply because I know they are more unique and will hold up longer than anything I buy from F21 or H&M.

Vintage clothes have a life of their own, telling stories through the decades they were made, and inspiring consumers to wear vintage pieces in a new, unique way. My advice is to go with a friend to any vintage store near you, try on clothes together, laugh together, and you’ll find pieces that will stay with you for a while.