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Wearing a vintage Time Warp dress, Storets pants, Miu Miu heels, vintage purse and scarf, and Time Warp Sunglasses

Melting on a scorching 90 degree day in thick pants and a vintage dress is what I’m accustomed to. I’ve grown used to the fact that if I wear what I want, which usually consists of multiple layers, I will have to sacrifice my comfort for sweatiness. Dresses over thick pants, tops layered under one another– you name it and I’ll layer it. My hope is that one day, I’ll live in an area where multiple layers don’t produce obscene amounts of sweat.

Lately, I’ve been inspired by 60’s housewives who take their convertibles for a spin and wear beautifully patterned headscarfs and stunning shades. I’ve also been loving Sex and the City (it’s my first time watching it), so slip on heels and tiny purses have been infiltrating my ‘to buy’ list.

Photos by Camille Delaune










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