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Time Warp Top / Choie’s Dress / Yoins Shoes / Thrifted Bag

Photos by Camille Delaune

Something about nature terrifies me. It’s so unpredictable, yet beautiful at the same time, which creates a sense of wonder and curiosity tinged with doubt and uncertainty. Wonder and curiosity for the beautiful sights, and doubt and uncertainty for the unknown that lies in wait. In a world where humans try to control everything, nature is wild and unmanageable, much to our chagrin. And although that can bring about devastation and heartache sometimes, it can also bring love and inspiration.

If you’ve been following any news, you would know Louisiana has been hit by a flood. Cities that have never flooded were completely underwater.  Amid all this tragedy, I can’t help but wonder how I was so fortunate, and how others, not so much. People’s homes and cars were filled with water that shouldn’t be there, and I’m, at most, inconvenienced when coming to a road that’s blocked off. It’s confusing- how does that happen? Why am I spared, but thousands of other people weren’t?

Nature works in that way. Completely sporadic and unpredictable, it brings about chaos, but then redeems itself with beauty. I’ve never seen this kind of reaction from our community- we are determined to help any and everyone, free from judgment. This is the time to rebuild and strengthen our community, to unite us and make our city a better place, full of acceptance and devoid of  discrimination.

Here are some things you can do to help out:

  1. Volunteer! There are many shelters still operating that need people to keep them running. Celtic Studios, the River Center, Red Cross, just to name a few. Also volunteer to help people with their flooded homes. Pulling out carpet and floors is hard work, no one can do that alone.
  2. Donate. Clean out your closets, pantries or storage for things you can do without. Although material things aren’t important, these people have lost everything, including their clothes, furniture, electronics, etc. Money donations can be made to many organizations, like United Way of Southeast Louisiana, Assess the Need, Red Cross, and Catholic Charities, to name a few.
  3. Make goody bags for people. A girl I follow on Instagram made goody bags containing feminine hygiene supplies, brushes, combs, floss, tissues, and much more. It’s a great way to provide these people with necessities. I’m sure these can be donated to any of the shelters.
  4. For out of state people wanting to contribute, here is a long list of ways you can help out.

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