Hi! Glad you could meander on over to my little space on the web! I’m MaKenzie, a current journalism student with a love of all things fashion, art, and Leandra Medine. This blog is for all of the weirdos who don’t have a definite ‘labeled’ style- or rather have a style that transcends labels.

The name Sass N Stride doesn’t have this insanely special meaning- I was trying to come up with something that captured my sassiness, but also related to fashion. I love the brand Sass and Bide, so I thought by changing it to stride, it encapsulated a whole new meaning and spoke volumes of my personality.

I don’t want to limit my skills only to writing, so I’m trying to branch out into styling, and even creative directing. I believe that limiting yourself is dangerous to your personal growth, and restricts your creativity. I hope to inspire you with my thoughts and outfits, while also providing a space where you can let your metaphorical freak flag fly (or your real one if you really want to).

You can follow me on Instagram @sassnstridee or on my Facebook page Sass N Stride.



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